Innovation helps capture the market.

It’s more and more competitive in the field of supermarket display stand manufacturing. To gain more customers and dominate the market, each company must be unique, and innovation. In the past, designing display just needs to meet the basic display function, without too many other decorative contrast. But now you must increase the creativity of the original based on the use of high-tech packaging, and through a variety of communication media show and the use of visual communication effect, pull the boutique supermarket display stand and brand culture onto a new level, in order to attract more customers. The following tips are about Innovation.

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We seldom see the girls wear basketball jersey on the street, because of it’s unique structure, make few girls wear it. Some people say that basketball jersey is not suitable for girls, too loose without line. But others said, basketball jersey is girl’s beautiful dress, the girls who wear the jersey are always a bit different, but as long as your collocation is proper, girls can still reflect alternative sexy of the basketball jersey. 
Sexy? Yes, is that baggy basketball jersey, still can let the girls wear out of temptation and sexy. Basketball jersey mesh fabric gives a person looming feeling and big neckline, as well as the hollow out design next to the arm, can make girls slender arms and neck show incisively and vividly. Or you pull down slightly a basketball jersey’s one of shoulders, you will find that this is a more fashionable attire.
In addition, all say that looking at the girl, the first thing to look at her legs. The basketball jersey can set the girls with outstanding legs off more attractive. In a sense, boyfriends’ loose basketball uniform for girls is a personality dress. If you want to match fashionable, lovely, the simplest method is a type of blazer, letters and edges are more iconic sports elements, below to wear a pair of canvas shoes, even with leg warmers are unconventional, or can inside take a mesh dress, increase layering, also jumped off the simple concept of “movement”.
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Soccer uniform version of NBA jersey,so creative

Bid farewell to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, now follow the soccer World Cup the basketball World Cup also is underway,and to the soccer now the Premier League is intense, next week the first round of UEFA Champions League group stage also will do battle, the major events are staged. Whether soccer players or basketball players, all put on new jersey, to meet new challenges. Do you like soccer? Do you also like basketball? Whether you’re a big fan or false fan, although this summer is over, but the enthusiasm of the sport is still in, now is the season back to school, new semester, new atmosphere, you and your friends ready to share? And as soccer and basketball fans at the same time how can you have no a special jersey? And recently netizens design the soccer uniform become the NBA jerseys, very cool, which is suitable for the fans of basketball and soccer.

After watching these, what do you think? The soccer jerseys are mixed with elements of the basketball team, whether make you shine at the moment? Or you can put the basketball jersey design into soccer uniform? Custom basketball jerseys and soccer uniforms, meet your needs, design your own cool jersey!
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Creative soccer uniform, your soccer uniform

The soccer uniform is everywhere in life, in addition to the individual or particular soccer teams have soccer jerseys, a lot of company groups or schools also have their own soccer team and their own characteristic soccer uniform, because soccer is not only an international movement, but also a team sport, Collective play soccer when you are free at ordinary times, which is not only entertainment and physical exercise, but also can improve the team cooperation ability. And play soccer with other groups can also be used as a fellowship activity to promote the relationship and cooperation. Besides, if you have a soccer team, unified soccer uniform is necessary, it reflects the characteristics of a group, each group of soccer suits all have their own characteristics, uniforms or printed with their logo or above with a representative other things to distinguish with other people.

And recently, Bruno Leo Ribeiro, Brazilian artist with the main line “”if the major advertising companies have their own soccer team, how could their jersey like”, according to the characteristics of the advertising company, design their distinctive creative soccer uniform and badge for Wieden + Kennedy and other international well-known advertising companies, and the customers of advertising companies also incarnate as sponsors.

Look at these, you move? If you have a soccer team, then what will be your soccer uniform? Custom your soccer uniform, create your characteristics!

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The Spanish soccer team announced new soccer jersey number, NO.6 vacancy

The Spanish soccer team announced the new issue national team soccer jersey number, who is about to play against France and Macedonia.Andres Iniesta will absent the game of Spanish because of the injury, so NO.6 will be a vacancy. Raul Garcia will wear NO.7 soccer jersey, Valencia striker Paco is NO.9 shirt.And Cork and Ander Iturraspe Derteano also respectively accepted Harvey’s NO.8 and Alonso’s NO.14. Speaking of Spanish soccer team’s soccer uniform, we will think of red.Many countries’ sportswear will choose red, because red represents the enthusiasm, according to research shows that red can let a person has the competitive advantage and energy, it often transmits aggressive messages, can improve athletic performance. 


And on September 4 the Spain soccer team will travel to Paris with a friendly match against France, the game is their first game after the World Cup, and September 8 is the Euro 2016 Qualifier Spain against Macedonia. How will Spain show , we wait and see.


The following is the new list of Spain:

Goalkeeper:NO.1 Iker Casillas, NO.13 DE Gea, NO.23 -Casillia

Defenders:NO.2  Raul Albiol, NO.3 Azpilicueta, NO.4 Baltra, NO.5 Juanfran, NO.12 Carvajal, NO.15 Ramos, NO.17 San José,NO.18 Jordi Alba

Midfielders:NO.7 Raul Garcia, NO.8 Koke, NO.10 Fabregas, NO.14 Ander Iturraspe Derteano, NO.16 Busquets, NO.20 Cassola, NO.21 Silva, NO.22 Isco

Strikers: NO.9 Paco, NO.11 Pedro, NO.19 Diego da Silva Costa

Are you ready to wear soccer jersey to watch games?

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What are essential in man closet?

Woman’s closet is usually updated faster, they have a variety of clothes, for women to wear clothes like a show, every clothes to wear will not be repeated, women often follow closely behind the trend, and the closet of a man is not the same as a woman, a man’s wardrobe usually only include classic items, all are essential of the wardrobe. So what are essential in man closet?

1) Shirt
   The shirt is a 100% classic elements, since the birth of the shirt, the shirt always walks in the top of the fashion, no matter how fashion changes, shirts are always necessary classical elements of a man’s almirah, the man wear a shirt looks clean and capable, have a life taste.
2) Black suits and pants
   Black is classic in the classics, black is common, but we have to say that black is a joker, black suit pants match what color jackets will not feel strange, on the contrary it will makes the whole image more distinct.If you match white, you will looks clean.If you with red, you will be active.And a black suit with the change of the shirt, tie and trousers, what kind of images, it can help you get it out.
3) Polo shirt and T-shirt
   In the summer, Polo shirts and T-shirts are essential in man’s wardrobes, static or dynamic, maybe work wear and sports wearare different in style and design, but this does not hinder them become fashionable joker items.Also not only in the summer, those who need them as leisure foil, they can play freely in the coat.
4) Sportswear
   Sportswear include basketball uniforms, soccer kits and so on. Now is autumn, the sky is clear and bright with sunshine and  white clouds, have to say that autumn is a good sports season.And all sorts of sports are also held constantly around the world, for example, 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup is going on in Spain, as a member of basketball fans who can miss this wonderful event, hurriedly put on the basketball jersey, enjoy events.So, a man can’t lack of sportswear in closet, play basketball, play football, or play badminton, there is always one sport is your favorite, also there is always a kind of sportswear is you required.
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